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Dealing With Relationship Stresses
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In-Depth Relationship Management Readings

Tarot cards are brilliant for excavating the secret or unconscious motivations behind behaviour. This can be your behaviour, or, as long as it directly effects you, other people’s behaviour. They are also excellent for analysing the potential of the relationship, and its karmic destiny. In depth relationship management tarot readings are therefore really effecting in helping you to stay on top of your love life.

Dealing with relationship stresses is all part of the game of life. However, these stresses can be navigated far more successfully if you come from a place of understanding and compassion. If your partner is pulling away, is he losing interest in you or is he fearing the intensity of the love connection? If your girlfriend is acting strangely, is she seeing someone else, or just stressed about something in her own life? When you have some idea of where your “other half” is coming from, you can meet them from a far more open space.

Tarot cards can also give you guidance as to how to deal with a certain relationship challenge. Sometimes it its better to confront a situation and suggest an open and honest communication. Sometimes it is best to ignore the issue altogether and look beyond it to the loving person behind the behaviour. Sometimes, it is best to walk away from a situation and never look back. Sometimes the solution can be so obvious we don’t need to consult a tarot reader. But usually the solution is not so obvious.

Another question the tarot cards can assist with is whether the relationship is meant to be forever. Relationships will come and go throughout our lives, for a reason or a season. Some partners are meant to be short lived to teach us something specific, some are meant to be long-term, and some are meant to be for life. It is possible that a relationship that is meant to last for a month lasts a decade. Usually this will be our if a need for companionship and security is placed before love. More sadly, a relationship that is meant to last for life lasts for a year. This happens when fear is placed before love. An in-depth relationship reading can help answer all these questions and help you avoid many relationship stresses.

Dealing With Relationship Stresses
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Here's what people say about us...
The real deal
Give her a try you won't be disappointed.
N, London
What a great reading, sally anne is a lovely lady and a great reader. 5 star because things she said in the last reading came true, fantastic.
katie, Liverpool
Very Good ! I will call back soon!
Alexis , Texas
Thank you
very efficient and reliable and compassionate
sara, london
The real deal
This lady blew me away! Best reading I have had in ages because she was soooo accurate and so detailed and knew everything. Let's see if her predictions come true but I'm confident she will be bang on the money with everything. Thanks Nadia. Speak shortly
Marianna, Surrey
Cosmika I didn't get a chance to say thank you or goodbye. I wasn't able to top up anymore as I didn't have the funds to do so. I enjoyed your reading, it has really helped me to see a little clearer about the POI. I guess he has always been a little arrogant where as I didn't notice it before as I was so in love with him. I will definitely call you again in June for more information. You are great and certainly described him to a t. I don't know if anyone really loses their arrogance. I think I am always wanting that apology but as you say I will probably never get that. I will have to wait and see if I can get over the hurt and betrayal of this man. Thanks again T xx
*Re: Always On Point; Always In Tuned; Always Aligned - Thank You!
Well, well, well!:) What can I say? The positive, powerful energy of her earthly angelic aura, was felt like cool water on my troubled head today. Her grace, intellect and wisdom made for high-frequency beverage that quenched my thirst for answers I sought. This beautiful lady is truly one of a kind; delicate, gentle and kind in her approach, and insightful, understanding in her knowledge of the spirit, physical and mental world we live in. I was blessed to have have a reading with her today, and I am most certainly thankful for her guided direction in conversation; ever facing towards the light. Our paths crossed for a divine reason, and I am further enlightened by our connection today. Blessed regards and thank you. xx
Keba, London
The best!!!
Blown away ... she’s one of or the best I’ve spoken to x
Charkotte, London
Called him in may
Back in a may i had a reading with liam , i called him after breake up , he told me we would get back together in early july , and we did . Tried to talk you today again but u already logged off . Just wanted to say thank you and you was completely right with your predictions , to be honest back than i thought you was just people pleaser and tried to make me feel better lol . Now i see how strong u really are .. can’t wait to talk to you again x
Rita, London
Ive rang many readers so i know whos the real deal or not and this lady seems to have a real raw talent, i gave no hints as to what i wanted to know but she managed to read right in to what i wanted to know about.
Wanda, Eastbourne
What a lady
Love love love you Sandra. I don't care if predictions don't come true. You uplifted my spirit . Thank you so much
Amazing revomended
Amazing love reading I am so glad to have you and thank u for your depth reading it was amazing I will be in touch soon thank u sending lot of love and light
Katerina, UK
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